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“Simple is clever.
Complicated just means you haven’t been clever enough to reduce ‘it’ to its essence.”

― Phil Dourado

Alpaka's mission is to take the complex and present it simply.

Complexity can't be avoided when creating software for business use where so many variations in working practice exist and are necessary. We don't want to introduce significant change into your working practice when you start to use Alpaka so our software is powerful enough to be used your way but simple enough to be understood with very little training or set-up.

The same can be said of our price. Alpaka has one simple price, there is no modular selling and you will never be told you need to 'upgrade' to use something your business needs.

Alpaka is £5 per person per month for the first 300 users and then £4 per person per month after that.


Alpaka is $6 USD per person per month for the first 300 users and then $5 USD per person per month after that.

Alpaka + Yapster

For teams of 100+ Yapster is FREE.

GDPR-compliant communication at scale for deskless organisations. Designed to engage the front-line, grow the top-line and optimise business processes to protect your bottom-line.

Immediate, integrated, engaging - Yapster is the simple way to connect your essential people and systems.

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That's the price, but what is the value?

Average annual productivity cost per employees

Unauthorised Absence£600Alpaka users have seen a significant reduction in unauthorised absence. We believe when absence requests are handled swiftly and fairly, team members don't feel so inclinded to take unauthorised absence.
Bureaucratic Systems£1200Alpaka shortens the decision making process and creates transparency in the workflow when requesting absence from work. Removing laborious process is essential to a happy working relationship.
Handling Unnecessary Emails£1500You can configure notifications from Alpaka to restrict quantity or even the times of day they are sent - if you choose to send them at all.
Bad Mood / Stress£2200Poor or unfair processes are toxic for a happy and productive working environment. Alpaka can reduce stress by removing the everyday paperwork. Timesheets can be automated, absence is handled with workflows and tracking task times is made easier than sending a text message.

Things To Consider

Alpaka is in active development, the team are always adding new features and capabilities so as an Alpaka business you can expect continuous improvement, efficiency gains, more intuitive features and many more benefits of using a software product that constantly invests in itself.

Alpaka is a family business, there are no investors and you can call the owner. This is an advantage that is often over-looked or massively misunderstood. Our team is large enough to create and support world-class software but small enough to be approachable and nimble. Don't think that a family business means a small business - Volkswagen, Nike, Tata and Samsung are all family owned business.

The Alpaka team live and work in the UK and USA - someone is always online.

Experience Alpaka

The 28 day free trial is long enough for you to try nearly everything. During the trial we hope you will have a chance to contact the Alpaka support superheroes and speak to them about your expectations and how we can best meet them.

We know your time is precious so free trails aren't exactly free. Why not investigate the Alpaka support website or get in touch to find out if Alpaka is right for your business, Alpaka is supposed to be time-saving business software after all.


Or, just get less busy with it.