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Next-generation Workforce Management Software for Small Business

What is Alpaka?

Alpaka is a suite of cloud software tools to replace your paper-based workplace tasks. You might not need every feature; most clients use just one or two.

Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance more efficiently with an advanced automated solution that helps you optimise your workforce.

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Modernise Your Clock-in System with Alpaka Presence

Time and attendance software that learns your teams' movements and builds payroll outputs to replace your expensive paper process.

In combination with Alpaka's rota feature, Presence will intelligently capture time at work without the need to install expensive hardware.

  • Timesheet errors eliminated.
  • Absence and lateness reduced.
  • Staff utilisation reporting.
  • Maximise workforce efficiency.

Get started immediately with a real human offering free set up.

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Could you show me? (Quickly)

Goodbye guess-work. Alpaka Presence is an app to record your staff coming and going.

Not a software explainer video, this movie is unrehearsed. A marketer might say that is "Not how we do things" - I think you can see it and will believe it in just 3 minutes.

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Trusted by care companies all over the UK

“Alpaka has been awesome, allowing all our employees to plan their work effectively and see where their team members are, making the team totally transparent to each other.”

Amanda Phelps

Forever Savvy

“I have found Alpaka fantastic for managing remote workers. At a glance I can see where my team are and can distribute project work more evenly.”

Edward Rodgers

Braunstone Blues

Experience Alpaka

The free trial is long enough for you to try nearly everything. During the trial, we hope you will have a chance to contact the Alpaka support superheroes and speak to them about your expectations and how we can best meet them.

We know your time is precious, so free trails aren't exactly free. Why not investigate the Alpaka support website or get in touch to find out if Alpaka is right for your business, Alpaka is supposed to be time-saving business software after all.


Or, just get less busy with it.