The Alpaka Story

Phill Rodgers founded Alpaka in 2016, a software developer and consultant from Cambridgeshire in the UK. The product itself started life in 2013 and has been the bedrock of many other private business applications and management systems for clients including Adobe, NFU Mutual, Vodafone, Telefonica and Philips.

The software is now built and supported by a global team. Although we have a small physical office in the UK, the company's spiritual space is virtual, and no one is required to commute in the rain. I hope that Alpaka can be used to change attitudes to work and to improve relationships between employers and employees, building trust and greater understanding. We work that way, and we work.

Thousands of freelancers, team-members and small businesses all over the world use Alpaka to solve problems and save money.

Alpaka Mission

“To create efficient relationships between employees and employers, clients and companies and team members and their colleagues.”

Alpaka is more than a utility for measuring time. We are building a platform that helps businesses operate more smoothly. We believe that companies will be more productive and more profitable where they maintain a culture of fairness and transparency with their team.

As the trend toward understanding employees and what motivates them becomes more accepted, we believe that Alpaka can become a leader in this space.

Our team

Phill Rodgers

Founder Developer

Victoria French

Lead Developer

Kate Rodgers


Alpaka Values


People should have the right to fairness and trust in their place of work.


People are powerful, but giving power to the people doesn't mean chaos, it is the path to understanding and success.


People will perform at their highest levels if they are trusted and challenged.


We think differently and provide unique perspective. We are inventors. We create.


"Support is not only our middle name, it's also our first and last names." Mr, Support Support, Alpaka Support Super Hero.