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Alpaka is a suite of software tools which extend the functionality of your traditional work calendar. You don't have to use every feature, in fact most customers use only one.

Just like your existing Google or Outlook calendar, Alpaka can be used for time-management and scheduling your appointments, but then automate actions that follow the addition of a new event in your calendar.

You can create actions that improve productivity for your team or an action that improves your customer communication.


  • Track staff absence and the reasons for it.
  • Automate a workflow with managers to authorise employee time-off.
  • Create and send personalised text messages reminding your client of an appointment with you.
  • Charge the duration of the event as billable time for a project or client.
  • Complete your timesheet for you.
  • Charge expenses against the event.

Text Alerts

Alpaka will automatically validate your client's mobile phone number and email address so you can choose the best way to make sure their appointment is a success by reducing the chances of lost revenue due to no-shows.

You only pay for what you need, there are no set-up charges, no minimum spend, no hidden costs and FREE support. With our simple credit control system, you will never exceed your budget.

  • Virtual Number £8 per month
  • Outgoing SMS - 8p each*
  • Incoming SMS - FREE
  • Email reminders - FREE

* Discounts available for large quantities

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Staff Clocking in and out

Goodbye guess-work. Alpaka Presence is an app to record your staff coming and going. We think it is ace.

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Client billing timer

Time Tracking With Alpaka Punch

Record your billable time. Alpaka’s client and task billing timer lets you start and stop timers as you work through your to-do list.

Timed tasks can be connected to clients, projects or just a simple description of your activity. Editing or merging multiple timers is easy using the online management panel.

The Alpaka Punch app is available for iOS and Android and lets you track time quickly and conveniently. Alpaka Punch synchronises with your online timer so you can work easily between the two platforms, giving you complete control and visibility over the time you spend on tasks. It also looks like Darth Vader's watch. Must be good right?

Track Sickness and Manage Staff Absence

Alpaka's unique method of creating event categories lets you configure the complexity you need without the complication. You can workflow events to get approval or make managing absence and holiday easy, do it your way.

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Reporting employee absence and sick leave

Online Timesheets

Goodbye Excel spreadsheets. Alpaka Timesheets can be created and completed with just one click. Whether you set default working hours, export your calendar or manually add timesheet items, Alpaka makes a boring task quick and easy.

Configure workflows to create approval processes for timesheet submission and acceptance.

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Online timesheets
Online expense submission


Alpaka can keep as many open expense claims as you need. Workflow creates approval notifications automatically. Individual expense items can be connected to events in your calendar so accurate client billing or profitability can be calculated.

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“Alpaka has been awesome, allowing all our employees to plan their work effectively and see where their team members are, making the team totally transparent to each other.”

Amanda Phelps

Forever Savvy

“I have found Alpaka fantastic for managing remote workers. At a glance I can see where my team are and can distribute project work more evenly.”

Edward Rodgers

Braunstone Blues

Experience Alpaka

The 28 day free trial is long enough for you to try nearly everything. During the trial we hope you will have a chance to contact the Alpaka support superheroes and speak to them about your expectations and how we can best meet them.

We know your time is precious so free trails aren't exactly free. Why not investigate the Alpaka support website or get in touch to find out if Alpaka is right for your business, Alpaka is supposed to be time-saving business software after all.


Or, just get less busy with it.