Dreading Work?

  • Kate Rodgers

Dreading work? Do you find it hard getting on with some of your colleagues? Is it difficult getting through the week without pulling a sickie?

Dreading Work

That seems like a lot to cover all in one go, but all of these issues are very closely connected. Let's face it, if you weren't dreading work then you wouldn't pull a sickie, and perhaps if you got on a little better with your colleagues, you wouldn't dread work so much.

Most people have done it, you know the drill ... don't fancy work ... ring in ... hold the phone upside down ... place a tissue over the receiver or pinch your nose in an effort to make the call sound different ...

"Can't make it in today ... sniff ... feel terrible ... sniff ... aches and shakes ... my rear is in fear..."

But, what is behind this attitude to work (apart from top quality daytime tv)? Could it be that the thought of a disorganised, chaotic work environment is too much? When your alarm goes off in the morning are your first thoughts... "What is going on today? Who is dealing with that tricky job? Where is everybody working?" This is sure to put some people off turning up for a day's troublesome graft tiding up other people's mistakes.

A harmonious team that gets on well and feels confident in each other's abilities and professionalism makes a big difference, but how can this be achieved? It sounds too good to be true, you could have your dream job, but if you can't get on with your colleagues and you feel they are not pulling their weight it can become a nightmare. On the flip side, you could work in a very challenging environment but if the team "works" then it can be a fantastic rewarding job.

It is all about trust. We have to earn the trust of our colleagues and they have to earn ours.

Have you just spent the festive period passing greetings cards around between colleagues, going to the office Christmas party and taking part in Secret Santa and other assorted festive fun activities? Are you now back at work and barely managing a smile in the mornings? Hold onto that Christmas spirit, keep the bonhomie going. Why not make your colleagues a cup of tea, take in a cake to share on Friday, have a day as "tell a joke day", organise a team for the local pub quiz or five-a-side football tournament, it can be anything. If you have something at work other than work, no matter how small, to look forward to it might just help you get through the week and get you chatting with your colleagues.

Getting on with colleagues develops a positive, proactive environment. It gives you common-ground to chat about other than work. Having this personal link should make it easier to work together and hopefully start building trust and a culture of helping and being there for each other.

So, go on make everyone a cup of tea and serve it with a smile!

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Here is a chart you can print off to make it easier to know how everyone likes their cuppa. Hot drink preferences chart

Here are some simple recipes for bakes you can share with colleagues. Easy to bake treats for work

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Kate Rodgers

Kate Rodgers

Kate balances being CMO for a colossal time and employee management software product with being an almost perfect human. Her blogs and expertise are about efficiently handling three obnoxious children and a difficult 39 year old child who writes these.


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