10 Ways you know you need a new process at work

  • Kate Rodgers
New Work Process

The new year is a perfect opportunity to think about how things are going at work and what might need a little shake up. Do you find that you are constantly playing catch up? Feel like you never know who has the day off? Or are you spending far too much time filling in bits of paper and not doing your actual job?

Does you working week feel something like this?

  • You dread going to work because things are disorganised and people do not work as a team.
  • You are constantly losing memos, print-outs and paper.
  • You are drowning in receipts waiting for you to input at the end of the month for your expense and mileage claims.
  • Your work diary is not compatible with your personal diary, so you are constantly coping information over or passing on your schedule to your family.
  • You will not know who will be absent until they don't turn up.
  • It is quite likely that staff holidays will clash, leaving you short handed.
  • You have to keep getting colleagues to email you documents because you have nowhere to store them where everyone can access them.
  • You would like to be able to quickly check work schedules on your phone while you are out.
  • It would be just great if you could use scanning technology to log working hours.
  • You get to Friday and you are just grateful that you survived another week at work.

If some or all of this sounds familiar, do not panic. Alpaka is cloud based software that is simple to use. You can use the diary to schedule meetings, plan absence and holiday. It can send automated email, create timesheets and expense claims. You can store files to share with customers, colleagues and clients. There are endless possibilities and uses, Alpaka will grow with your needs.

Why not take the 14 day Alpaka trial, after that you will only charged per user, there is no set up or minimum charge. See if you can get back to doing your job rather than paperwork.

Kate Rodgers

Kate Rodgers

Kate balances being CMO for a colossal time and employee management software product with being an almost perfect human. Her blogs and expertise are about efficiently handling three obnoxious children and a difficult 39 year old child who writes these.


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